sorry i haven’t been on recently

things have ben hectic… agh


So i haven’t been good with working out this past week just because i’ve been so busy but… i did completely stop drinking soda, stopped eating fast food, stopped snacking, and worked on portion control.

because of all that, I am not 119.9 lbs :) 1.9lbs away from my first goal. I am really hoping by next week I reach it. I’m going to work on finding more time to exercise and get that in.

i hate being at home

it makes me want to eat…


overslept this morning and didn’t have time to workout.

to make up for it, i’m going to workout for 45mins-1 hour after work tonight.

Ok so.

feeling too sick to work out before bed. going to sleep now.

walking up at 9:30am, working out till 10, getting ready, leaving my house by 10:30, volunteering from 11 till 12:30-1, hanging out with a friend until 4:10, then work from 4:30 until 9 at the latest.

glad to have my day planned out.

structure is good.

night everyone xx

I want to do a work out before bed, but i’m feeling sick

stuffy nose ugh

but I really want to since I’ve had a net cal intake of roughly 825 cals today

each time I hit one of my goal’s, I get a reward.

goal 1 - new 24” extensions

goal 2 - new face wash//make up

goal 3 - (Haven’t decided)

UG - A bunch of new clothes 

Hello all!

I’ve created this tumblr for motivation, for help, for all around support on my way to becoming how I look.

I hope you’ll enjoy following me along this path